Hip-Hop Star Jay-Z Claims Jesus Was Invented To Control Dumb People, While Smart People Worship Satan

Hip Hop star Jay-Z has blasted traditional Christian values in an epic rant where he claims to be part of an exclusive club of “smart people” who worships “our true lord; Satan.” The billionaire rapper has also claimed that “God created Lucifer to be the bearer of truth and light,” and that “Jesus never existed” but was merely a “tool created by smart people to control dumb people.” During a backstage tirade at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans on Friday, Jay-Z pointed around the room saying, “ya’ll being played.” “There ain’t no Jesus. “Ya’ll slaves to a fake religion. “Do you think I got where I am praying to a guy that don’t exist? “No. I found the guys who invented that guy and I joined the club. “Then I worked my way to the top. “I earned my new form of humanity and maturity when I fully embraced my older brother, Satan.”

The music star claims that Satanism became the “highest form of being” due to the ease of manipulating “mentally-challenged Christians” who “desire to be slaves.” He stated that “there’s real spirituality and guidance in the Church of Satan,” that rewards its followers with “wealth and success,” but “Christians have prayed to God for years and ain’t gotten nothing back, just silence and emptiness.” This, apparently, is what caused Satan to have “gotten a bad rap” from Christians who worship a “fake religion, built by assholes.” Pointing to a small crowd of backstage ticket winners, the multi-Grammy Award-winning musician said: “How many of ya’ll have gotten rich, or famous, after you prayed to God? “Come on, raise your hands?” As the young fans began to murmur nervously, Jay-Z announced: “I can answer for y’all because I am free. “I answer to a higher power. “None of you are rich and none of you are famous because no one is listening to your prayers. “I got everything I wanted because I surrendered to our true lord, Satan. “Because I recognized Jesus is the original fake news, designed to enslave humanity.” “God created Lucifer, not Jesus, so he could rule over us as Satan. “I’m telling you this because I know you guys look up to me and want to emulate me. “I will give you this one guarantee, if you start following the doctrine of Lucifer, you will taste success. “The secret of the universe opens up to you. “It is immediate and glorious.”

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EPISCOPAL Church Holds A ‘WORSHIP BEYONCE’ Mass . . . Said Special ‘BEYONCE PRAYERS’!!!


This week an Episcopal Church in San Francisco held a “Beyonce Mass” where Christian followers were supposed to rejoice and pray to the Queen.

Grace Cathedral, an Episcopal church, announced a month ago that its was holding a special “Beyonce” worship service. Officially the service was supposed to “explore Beyonce’s music and how it relates to the spiritual experience of black women and the issues they face in society.”

Revered Yolanda Norton, Assistant Professor of Old Testament at San Francisco Theological Seminary, preached Wednesday night’s message.

Here’s how ABC News – who attended the mass – described it:

The large cathedral was dimly lit with purple lights for the evening service. As guests filed into the church, Beyonce songs like ‘Freakum Dress’ and ‘Countdown’ blared across loud speakers.

Once everyone was seated, the church’s lead singer launched into a gospel-rendition of the Destiny’s Child song ‘Survivor’.

It was followed by prayer and a reading from a speech by the late Ella Baker, an African-American civil rights and human rights activist.

In between other Beyonce selections such as ‘Listen’, ‘Freedom’ ‘Flaws and All’ and ‘I Was Here’, Norton read from Psalms and Luke and preached to the large crowd.

And they made an adjustment to The Lord’s Prayer – changing God into a woman – in honor of Beyonce. Look:


Here are some pictures from the event:


Reports say that, “staff at the Episcopal cathedral estimated that over 900 people came to the celebration of the traditional service using the music and social philosophy of the pop star.”

Church is over. So, of course, the Rev. is getting lit.

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