Thug, 34, who beat up ‘very attractive’ transgender woman when he discovered she had male genitalia after she performed a sex act on him is jailed for 16 months

  • Suhel Sood, 34, attacked the woman at a party in Reading in November 2020
  • During a sexual encounter, Sood discovered that she had male genitals and savagely beat her, leaving her with two black eyes and a huge bruise on her leg
  • He admitted assault causing bodily harm and was cleared of sexual assault
  • Judge Emma Knott said Sood had shown ‘no real remorse’ over the attack

A man has been jailed for 16 months for beating up a transgender woman after discovering she had male genitalia.

Suhel Sood, 34, attacked his ‘attractive’ victim, who has not been named for legal reasons, during an encounter at a party in Reading in which she performed a sex act on him.

Sood reached down towards the woman’s privates and found that she had male genitalia, Reading Crown Court heard on Monday.

He roared: ‘You’re a man!’ before launching a brutal assault on the woman, punching her repeatedly and slamming her head down on a washing machine.

The victim was called a ‘dog’ and forced by Sood to mop up her own blood before he allowed her to leave the party on November 14 2020. 

She had arrived earlier in the evening with a married man who was believed to be her partner.

The court heard how the woman had been left with two black eyes and ‘one continuous huge bruise from the thigh to the knee.’ 

Sood was cleared of sexual assault but jailed for 16 months after he admitted assault causing actual bodily harm.

A man has been jailed for 16 months for beating up a transgender woman after discovering she had male genitalia. Suhel Sood, 34, attacked his ‘attractive’ victim, who has not been named, during an encounter at a party in Reading in which she performed a sex act on him

Prosecutor Oliver Weetch told the court that the assault ‘arose entirely from Mr Sood discovering that she [the victim] was transgender and thereafter assaulting her.’ 

Tom Holmes, defending, asked the judge not to sentence Sood on the basis that he targeted the victim based on prejudice.

‘His behaviour on that night was of course despicable. It gives an impression of him as a reckless, aggressive and frankly unlikable human being,’ Holmes said.

Judge Emma Knott told Sood he was ‘partying in a garage with others’ when the victim turned up with her partner – a married man who left early.

‘You were happy to entertain his girlfriend,’ the judge said

‘You were even happy to entertain his girlfriend after Billy went home to his wife. You were in the company of an attractive woman’.

In the course of consensual sexual activity, Sood discovered this ‘undeniably attractive woman was transgender’, the judge said.

‘And then things took a very ugly turn. You were perhaps fuelled by whiskey and cocaine and flew into a rage. From that moment, you had no concern at all for the woman.

‘You were concerned only by your own feelings. What you were concerned about was your reputation for fear of being a laughing stock. You sought to blame her. You threw words around like ‘deceit’. You accused her of raping you. There is no culpability on your part.

‘She is a woman, that is how she identifies.’

Judge Knott added: ‘Frankly, if you weren’t prepared to take the time to know more about her that is on you.

‘Maybe you will be a bit more careful in the future.

‘You discovered in your mind too late, you lost your temper. You hit her multiple times to the face, head and ear. Both eyes were black… her left eye was completely bloodshot. She had one continuous huge bruise from the thigh to the knee. And all of those were caused by you.

Speaking at Reading Crown Court (pictured) on Monday, Judge Emma Knott said Sood had ‘demonstrated no real remorse’ over the November 14 2020 attack

‘I am not sentencing you on the basis you inflicted those injuries with a spanner or a tool. You must have hit her very hard. This was a repeated and quite sustained assault… it must have been.

‘You have demonstrated no real remorse about your attack on her that night….. particularly that element of you making her clean up her own blood.

‘As if her transgender identity meant you would be contaminated by touching her own blood.’

The judge also noted Sood called his victim many names, including a ‘dog’.

Sood, of Reading, admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

He was cleared of sexual assault, false imprisonment, attempting to cause grievous bodily harm charges and threats to kill.

Thug who beat up transgender woman when he discovered she had male genitalia is jailed for 16 months

Child killer received state-funded gender transition in California jail

Photos courtesy of California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.
  • An inmate convicted of murdering two children is among the transgender prison inmates housed at a California women’s facility.
  • Forty-six-year-old Jessica M. Hann, formerly known as Jason Michael Hann, was transferred to Central California Women’s Facility in February 2020.
  • Hann’s baby mama Krissy Lynn Werntz is also housed in Central California Women’s Facility.

An inmate convicted of murdering two babies is among the transgender prison inmates housed at a California women’s facility.

Forty-six-year-old Jessica M. Hann, formerly known as Jason Michael Hann, was admitted to Riverside County in February 2014 with a death sentence for first-degree murder, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Deputy Press Secretary Terry Thornton told the Daily Caller News Foundation Thursday.

Hann was transferred to Central California Women’s Facility in February 2020 and is housed on death row, Thornton said. The mother of Hann’s children, 41-year-old Krissy Lynn Werntz, was admitted to the facility in July 2014 where she is housed in the general population serving life with the possibility of parole for second-degree murder. (RELATED: 255 California Prison Inmates Have Requested Transfer To Women’s Prisons Since January)

A judge sentenced Hann after authorities discovered the deceased remains of Hann’s and Werntz’s son Jason and daughter Montana hidden in the couple’s abandoned trailers. The couple was indicted by a grand jury in 2009, and attorneys said that Hann killed the children and that Werntz hid the remains, bringing the remains on their travels throughout the country.

Authorities convicted Hann of Montana’s murder in 2013, sentencing him to death, according to CBS News. Hann was also convicted of second-degree murder for Jason’s death and sentenced to 27 to 30 years in prison, according to the publication.

Hann, 2015. Photos courtesy of California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

Hann underwent a state-funded gender transition while incarcerated, the local California outlet KESQ reported, noting that California is the first state to pay for inmate’s gender reassignment surgeries.

It is not immediately clear what date Hann underwent the transition, but CDCR communications chief Liz Gransee told KESQ that as of February 2019, “10 patients statewide have been approved for gender-affirming surgery,” and by February 2020, Hann was transferred to the Central California Women’s Facility under the name “Jessica.”

“Senate Bill 310 allows a state prisoner or county jail inmate the right to petition a court to obtain a name or gender change,” Thornton previously told KESQ. “SB 310 requires CDCR to use the new name of the person who obtains a name change and to list the prior name only as an alias. CDCR updated Hann’s records and made notification to the victim on file on Feb. 14.”

Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed S.B. 132 into law in January, a bill that requires CDCR to ask every individual entering the department’s custody to specify their pronouns, their gender identity, and whether they identify as transgender, nonbinary, or intersex.

Hann, 2020. Photo courtesy of California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

The law requires that CDCR house the individual in a “correctional facility designated for men or women based on the individual’s preference.” Similar legislation has been passed in Connecticut and Massachusetts(RELATED: Trans Woman Tears Into ‘Transphobic’ TSA In Viral Video Over Scanner Sensing ‘Anomaly Between My Legs That Sets Off The Alarm’)

Since the bill went into effect in January, 261 inmates have requested “gender based housing” transfers, the CDCR told the DCNF Tuesday. The vast majority of these requests were from inmates requesting to be transferred to female facilities, and only six were from “transgender men and non-binary incarcerated people who are requesting to be housed in a male institution.”

During a 2014 court hearing, Deputy District Attorney Lisa DiMaria said that Werntz chose “a gypsy lifestyle” with Hann rather than caring for her children, according to the Desert Sun. The couple’s first child, Jason, was born in 1999 in Ohio, the publication reported, but reportedly suffered fatal injuries several weeks later.

Werntz did not notify authorities about the baby’s death and hid the baby’s remains, the Desert Sun reported. The second baby, Montana, was born in December 2000, according to the publication. (RELATED: ‘It Destroyed My Body’: Here’s Why This Former Trans Woman Regrets His Gender Transition)

Montana’s leg reportedly “snapped in half like a twig” a month after she was born but Werntz ignored the injury, DiMaria said. This second baby died in February 2001, and Werntz again hid the baby’s remains from authorities and stayed with Hann, even telling authorities that there was no proof that Hann had abused the children.

“The truth is this baby was abused and killed while in the care and custody of the defendant and Hann,” DiMaria said.

“The only way healthy baby Montana died was the defendant contributed to her death — either she co-abused the child, or failed to protect the child,” the attorney continued.

Authorities arrested the couple in 2002 in Portland, Maine, where a third child was discovered — another son named Michael, who had skull, femur, and rib fractures when he was found, according to the Desert Sun.

He was taken to foster care and was later adopted, KESQ reported.

“It was like some twisted, baby-killing Bonnie and Clyde,” DiMaria said, according to the Desert Sun. (RELATED: Former Trans Woman Praises Laws Banning Sex Change Surgeries, Puberty Blockers For Minors)

Montana’s remains were found in a plastic container in a trailer that was auctioned off in February 2002, the Desert Sun reported, and an Arkansas man who bought the trailer found the baby’s body. The publication reported that after Hann’s and Werntz’s arrests, authorities found Jason’s remains in a plastic container in an Arizona storage unit.

Werntz received a sentence of 15 years to life in prison, according to KESQ.

The extreme transgender movement is hostile to women

Advocates for transgender people march from the South Dakota governor’s mansion to the Capitol in Pierre, S.D., on March 11, to protest a proposed ban on transgender girls and women from female sports leagues.
(AP Photo/Stephen Groves)

Since 1987, March has been recognized as Women’s History Month. There is plenty to praise about modern womanhood. Females in the United States enjoy rights and privileges they did not have in decades past. Voting, property, and workplace rights that exist now were not always standard.

Gender equality has been achieved insofar as it relates to the legalities mentioned above. Biologically, males and females possess different characteristics that will forever brand them unique. These intrinsic qualities should be celebrated, never maligned, and importantly, not cheaply duplicated. Unfortunately, transgender activism seeks to erase biological women and their distinct experiences in the name of supposed gender inclusion. 

The most disturbing aspect of increasingly hostile transgender activism is pushing women out of the spaces they inherently occupy. In January, President Biden signed an executive order titled “Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation.” The order was designed to be a step toward reducing discrimination among high school athletes. But allowing transgender teenagers to compete against peers places females especially at a disadvantage. It is the opposite of empowering women. Worst of all, they see this as progress. There is nothing so patronizing, patriarchal, and sexist as declaring that biological males should get the opportunity to be better at being female than those born with the actual DNA.

The glaring absurdity of it all is voluntarily lost on those who would rather acquiesce than defend women. But the desire to co-opt the female experience doesn’t end with appearances or even success at athletic events. Some transgender activists believe harassment and sexism legitimize their female identities. It is a dangerous game of dress-up. 

According to Grace Lavery, a transgender academic, sexism is proof of life: “There is something about being treated like s— by men that feels like affirmation itself, like a cry of delight from the deepest cavern of my breast. … To be the victim of honest, undisguised sexism possesses an exhilarating vitality.” Of sexual objectification, Jacob Tobia, author of Sissy: A Coming-of-Gender Story, said, “Women around the world have been treated as sexual objects. Yet if sexual objectification is so categorically awful, then why do I want it so badly?” 

Similar to the gender identity they espouse and support, these ideas are superficial reflections of what it means to be female. But this is the extent of femininity as defined by the transgender movement. Desiring to be female is only equal to looking and being treated like one. Males who want to be females may crave mistreatment because it somehow supports their identities. They may relish the idea of harassment because it reinforces their personas. They may enjoy a sexist remark as it validates their internal dialogue, never mind that women have fought against these very things for decades. We live in the #MeToo era in which predators such Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein receive just vilification. There is simply no room to ease up on condemning predatory behavior, especially not to justify identities. 

It is a chief problem with conferring “female” on to those who will never actually be one. There is far more to being a woman than cosmetic manipulation. But this is what females have been reduced to by a crowd that grows louder every day. Beyond diminishing the life experiences and worth of adult females, it provides children with a disastrous education. According to this mindset, boys should take their rightful place as abusers and harassers. Opposite them are girls who should accept whatever behavior comes their way. After centuries of progress, they tell us this is all it means to be a female.

Rebranding and repackaging sexism as modern tolerance places women at a disadvantage. Men can encroach upon our sacred field, and females get told to recognize and accept it. The desire alone to be a female allows one to receive the designation. From the president down to loud online activists, previously untouchable definitions are changing. And none of it helps those who have been the true gender minority all along. The erasure of women by way of transgender activism is slowly creeping into the sports world and beyond. The attempts to be authentic females are based on stereotypes and what women should want from men. These concepts are skewed because they are designed and promulgated by biological males themselves. 

Ironically, years of defending the right to be female and working to gain protections have not afforded women long-term security. The current, growing onslaught is from female-identifying males and their supporters. If the trend continues, it will only grow more difficult for biological females to defend themselves. But in the eyes of these militant activists, females should do what they’re designed to do and just take it. After all, that’s what it means to be female.

Female Athletes Say Competing Against Biological Males Is Unfair: ‘That’s Not Bigotry, That’s Science’

Christian Petersen / Getty Images – Dutee Chand (right)

Women are leading the charge to put laws in place to protect female athletes from competing against biological male “transgender” competitors and their passion for the issue was on display at an online event, “Connecticut Athletics: Girls Speak,” on Thursday.

These women represent an unlikely alliance between a self-described “radical feminist organization,” a conservative family, faith and freedom advocacy group, and three high school girls. And this coalition that is gaining national attention as activists push for biological men who say they have a female “gender identity” to compete girls school sports.

The three girls — Selina Soule, Alanna Smith, and Chelsea Mitchell — filed a federal lawsuit challenging the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference’s decision to allow boys to compete against them if they “identify” as girls.

Alliance Defending Freedom is representing the trio and the Women’s Liberation Front (WOLF) has put its advocacy firmly behind the effort as an organization that fights for the “rights, privacy, and safety of women and girls.”

Add to those forces Beth Stelzer, an amateur powerlifter who believes in a level playing field for women so much so she launched Save Women’s Sports in 2019, a coalition of people dedicated to making sure biology not ideology inform school sports policies.

Stelzer and WOLF hosted the webinar, which was supposed to be a live event but was held online because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Kara Danksy, who is on WOLF’s board, started off the online event sharing why this issue has caused people to come together to back a common cause.

She said it has come to the point in the national narrative that “simply speaking up for ourselves is hate speech.”

ADF’s legal counsel Christiana Holcomb, who also took part in the webinar, had earlier responded to President Donald Trump’s Department of Justice’s support of the lawsuit, which it said violates the federal Title IX statute to protect girls in schools from discrimination based on their biological sex.

“Girls shouldn’t be reduced to spectators in their own sports,” Holcomb said. “Allowing males to compete in the female category isn’t fair and destroys girls’ athletic opportunities. 

“Males will always have inherent physical advantages over comparably talented and trained girls—that’s the reason we have girls’ sports in the first place,” Holcomb said. “And a male’s belief about his gender doesn’t eliminate those advantages.”

But the most moving stories came from the teenage athletes who have had their hard work and dreams dashed when forced to compete against males.

At the 2019 Indoor Track and Field State Championships, Soule came in third behind two men racing against her. As a result she did not qualify for the New England Regional Championships and could not attend the event where college scouts could have seen her compete.

She said she joined the lawsuit not only because she wants not just to participate in sports but win, but that competing against biological men is unfair.

“That’s not bigotry,” Soule said. “That’s science.”

High schooler Alana Smith said she was “born to be an athlete” and loves competing — if that competition is fair.

“Biological unfairness doesn’t disappear because of what you believe is your gender identity,” Smith said.

Chelsea Mitchell is a senior in high school and one of the fastest female sprinters in Connecticut but was denied the title of state champion four times because she had to compete against male athletes.

The transgender policy, she said, “puts us on the sidelines instead of the podium.”

Mitchell’s mom Christy said that she was shocked to learn groups like the National Women’s Law Center and the Women’s Sports Foundation took the side of the “transgender” biological male athletes.

“I felt very betrayed by it,” Mitchell said.

The women said on the webinar that they were encouraged by a law just passed in Idaho, the first state to successfully put in place a law that prohibits biological males from competing in girls sports.

BARBITS World’s first transgender children’s doll with penis underneath women’s clothes spotted on sale in toy store

THE WORLD’s first transgender doll has gone on sale in a Russian toy shop.

Pics of the doll  – which features a penis and dress – have gone viral after being spotted in Planeta Igrushek (Planet Of Toys) shop in the city of Novosibirsk, Siberia.

NINTCHDBPICT000554414791The doll, which went on sale at the Planeta Igrushek (Planet Of Toys) shop in Siberia, is said to be the first of its kindCredit: Central European News

NINTCHDBPICT000554414758The doll features long blonde hair, female facial features and what appears to be male genitalia Credit: Central European News


The images, posted online, show a doll with long blonde hair and female facial features.

And underneath a red and yellow polka dot dress, there appears to be male genitalia.

The doll is the first of its kind spotted in Russia – and thought to be among the first child transgender dolls in the world.

A transgender doll divided opinion in Argentina when it went on sale at Toys R Us in 2018, while in 2019 toy company Mattel announced a gender neutral Barbie doll.

The images attracted opinion on social media, with one writing: “Is it ok to produce toys like that for children?”

Another said: “All they have to do is buy a medical tool kit and the kid can learn how to amputate.”

But some people were unimpressed by the forward thinking toy.

One user wrote: “I think it is really terrible what is going on in this child’s parent’s head.

“Have you considered that it could simply be a manufacturing defect? Or they accidentally put a female head on a male body?”


Texas School District Mandates Teaching Kids How to Have Anal Sex


The Austin Independent School District (ISD) school board voted in favor of a sex ed curriculum early Tuesday morning that normalizes LGBT sex acts at young ages and advises the words “mom” and “dad” be eliminated from school terminology.

The school board approved the sex ed curriculum that will be used to teach children in grades three through eight, despite the wishes of many outraged parents and faith-based groups who packed the meeting during which the vote occurred.


As the Statesman reported, outside the meeting, Naomi Wilson chanted in front of parents and pro-family supporters, “Black trans lives matter.” Wilson was arrested and charged with trespassing.

LIVE at Austin ISD opposing radical sex education; leftists try to shut down and take over our press conference. But they did not prevail. Watch and see how it turned out.

David Walls, vice president of Texas Values and an Austin ISD parent, said in a statement the board’s vote “sends a clear message: people of faith and traditional moral values are not welcome in Austin ISD.”

“By passing this curriculum, Austin ISD has broken the sacred trust that parents put in their children’s schools,” Walls continued. “Austin ISD parents have no reason to entrust their children to a school district that weaponizes education to indoctrinate children into the LGBT political movement.”

The AISD school board is allowing parents to OPT OUT, rather than OPT IN, a procedure which means the children of parents who are not vigilant about signing the OPT OUT form will be automatically included in the curriculum.

Texas Values reported AISD abandoned its plans to use Planned Parenthood’s Get Real sex ed curriculum since Gov. Greg Abbott (R) signed a bill into law that bans local governments from contracting with abortion providers. The school district subsequently announced a “revised” middle school curriculum.

You can’t make this up folks, AISD swapped out Planned Parenthood’s sex ed for radical LGBT pro abortion Canadian sex ed. It’s so crazy not even we could believe it at first, but check the link for screenshots! 

Planned Parenthood Sex-Ed Not Radical Enough, AISD Proposes Canadian Curriculum to Indoctrinate…

Despite continued opposition from parents and concerned citizens, Austin ISD is still pushing forward with radical sex-education curriculum designed to indoctrinate children, as young as the third…

The family values organization said the “revised” curriculum “is just as radical and inappropriate as Planned Parenthood’s,” and continued:

In fact, despite AISD’s claim to have developed this curriculum “internally,” most of the curriculum seems to come from Canadian pro-LGBT abortion providers. Make no mistake, AISD’s revised curriculum shares the same legal (and moral) concerns as Planned Parenthood’s Get Real.

In the curriculum materials for grades three to five that were shared by Texas Values and PJ Media, teachers are instructed to “use Gender Inclusive Language,” and advised further:

It is important to avoid terms which refer only to ‘male’ and ‘female’ identities when speaking with young children as this can limit their understanding of gender into binaries and can exclude children who may not identify within these identities. For example, when discussing family members or adults they may have in their life, try not to only use terms like “mom” or “dad.” Try integrating words like, “parents” or, “guardians” to include children whose parents might not fit into “traditional” concepts of family structures.


Signaling the tone of things to come, Texas Values reported last week that Austin elementary school Blackshear Fine Arts Academy hosted drag queen David Richardson, aka Miss Kitty Litter ATX, in the school’s library to read to young children.

In a search of Richardson’s background in August, pro-family organization Austin MassResistance found Richardson had been arrested and convicted of prostitution in 1996.

In the grade 6 curriculum, students will be taught to “differentiate between gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.”

A cartoon graphic defines “gender identity” as “boy, girl, non-binary.” Sexual orientation is defined as “homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, pansexual.”

Biological sex is defined as “male, female, intersex,” and gender expression includes “appearance, pronoun.”

In the section on “homophobia,” teachers are instructed to ask students “how gender can be thought of as a spectrum.”

“Explain that sexuality … is neither predictable nor linked to gender identity,” the program teaches. “While it is often assumed that boys like girls and girls like boys, these assumptions are harmful and exclude individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, etc.”

In the curriculum, young children will be taught how to become activists for the LGBT agenda. Sixth graders, for example, will learn to “recognize injustices and plan ways to denounce inequality.”

Students will be taught they should not make “assumptions” such as “boys cannot wear dresses.”

More examples of the curriculum can be found at Texas Values. The pro-family group’s petition opposing the radical curriculum currently has over 7,600 signatures.




Transgender woman gets new vagina made from fish skin


A trans woman had a vagina constructed using the skin of a tilapia fish after her genitals began to shrink and close up following botched surgery.

According to surgeons, Maju, 35, has been the chance of a “proper sex life” and a boost of confidence thanks to the sea creature’s skin.

The highly complex procedure, called neovaginoplasty, used a tubular-shaped acrylic mold wrapped with the skin of the freshwater fish in the form of a biological prosthesis to rebuild and extend the vaginal canal in a three-hour operation on April 23.

The process involved inserting two separate molds to create the new vagina. The first device, mounted with the marine membrane, was incorporated inside the vagina over a period of six days.

In contact with the patient’s body, the sterilized and odor free fish skin displays stimulatory cell growth properties. It is rich in type 1 collagen a substance that promotes healing and has a firmness and elasticity which is as strong and resilient as human skin.

The tilapia membrane attached to and recoated the walls of the vaginal canal acting like stem cells. These were absorbed into the body, transforming into cellular tissue similar to that of an actual vagina.

The second device made from silicone and described as a very ‘big tampon’ is designed to remain inside the vagina for up to six months to prevent the walls from closing.

Professor Leonardo Bezerra said to FocusOn News: “We were able create a vagina of physiological length, both in thickness and by enlarging it and the patient has recovered extremely well. She is walking around with ease, has no pain and is urinating normally. In a couple months we believe she will be able to have sexual intercourse.”

The device can be removed after this period as and when desired.

The process is being hailed as yet another breakthrough in gynecological surgery which is tackling sensitive predicaments using the aquatic animal skin, normally thrown away as waste, as a substitute for human regenerative tissue.

Speaking to FocusOn News the transsexual patient revealed she decided to transition 20 years ago, with the support of her family, after realizing in her early teens that she was a woman living in a man’s body.

Maju said: “I was the fourth person in Brazil in 1999 to have, what was then, experimental surgery. But ten years ago I developed vaginal stenosis. The opening of my vagina started to get narrower and shorter and the canal collapsed.”

Three-hour operation

She suffered constant discomfort which prevented sex with her partner of 12 years, from whom she is now divorced.

Since developing the technique three years ago, Bezzera has successfully treated 10 women and corrected the condition that causes the vagina and uterus to be underdeveloped or absent.

According to Bezerra, vaginal tract closure is common in trans women who have undergone a sex change.

He explained: “This is because, in the traditional procedure, most of the inside parts of the penis are removed and the penile skin is folded into the space between the urethra and the rectum. The outside skin of the penis then becomes the inside of the vagina.”

“But because the patient has had hormonal treatment to develop female characteristics, there is penile and testicle atrophy resulting in shrinkage in the size of the penis caused from the loss of tissue. This means the vagina can also be small.”

To complicate matters, before surgery could begin, the medical team discovered that apparent levels of incompetence during the original surgery had left more than one narrow vaginal canal. There were remnants of cavernous bodies, erectile tissue structures, still in the vaginal space.

“The presence of these leftovers of the penis aggravated the closure of the vaginal tract, worsening the symptoms,” said Bezerra.

To reverse this problem, the most common method is to do a skin graft taken from other parts of the body, usually from the intestines, to increase the width and length of the canal. This type of surgery is invasive, long and leaves scars.

Bezerra said: “The great benefit of our technique is that it’s minimally invasive and there’s no need to do abdominal incisions.”


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Marathon champion says women’s sports should be protected from transgender athletes — activists go on the attack

“The levels of testosterone mean that it’s essentially not fair competition”


Paula Radcliffe, the fastest women’s marathon runner in history, spoke out against transgender athletes competing in elite women’s sports and was attacked by transgender activists on social media for her opinion.

She was speaking on BBC Radio when she made the comments comparing transgender athletes to “normal” athletes.

“Actually transitioning is a choice,” she explained. “Whereas an intersex athlete, it’s just the way they were born, they haven’t chosen for their body to be producing more testosterone, they haven’t chosen for it to be like this.

“And they’re not cheating in any way,” Radcliffe continued, “and it’s really difficult, because the levels of testosterone mean that it’s essentially not fair competition with the females with normal levels of testosterone.”

Radcliffe was careful to motion for air quotes when she said “normal” but she was still attacked later for using the phrase as a distinction.

“But they haven’t chosen to make that change which is what is happening in transgendered,” she continued, “because they should be in male sport. And if they have chosen to transition then they are asking to compete in female sport.”

Earlier in the conversation she also clarified that she was speaking about elite sports competitions.

“Probably hundreds of transgenders want to take part in sport for all of the benefits it brings,” Radcliffe said, “and all we’re saying is, that’s fine, but not elite sports because elite sports, that female section of elite sports has to protect, so that females can genuinely reach the top of it.”

She was excoriated on social media by transgender activists and others who were angered by her comments:

Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 3.17.58 PM

Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 3.18.55 PM

Radcliffe, who is retired, said that she was going to stand up and say what she thinks regardless of the blowback because she wants her daughter to be able to compete in sports against fair competition.

Here’s the video of Radcliffe’s comments:

‘Female Sports Need to Be Protected from Transgenders’ says Retired Athlete Paula

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Transgender MMA fighter breaks female opponent’s skull. Is it now OK for a man to hit a woman?

In 2014, Fallon Fox, a transgender MMA fighter, beat his female opponent, Tamika Brents, so severely, that she suffered a broken skull and concussion before being TKO’d. 

The fight lasted one round and was over in almost two and a half minutes. It’s not easy viewing, but the entire fight, including the bloody end.

In an interview following the fight, Brents said:

I’ve fought a lot of women and have never felt the strength that I felt in a fight as I did that night. I can’t answer whether it’s because she was born a man or not because I’m not a doctor. I can only say, I’ve never felt so overpowered ever in my life and I am an abnormally strong female in my own right… I still disagree with Fox fighting. Any other job or career I say have a go at it, but when it comes to a combat sport I think it just isn’t fair.

Responding to this incident, Ashley McGuire, author of Sex Scandal: The Drive to Abolish Male and Female, said: “Twenty years ago, if a man hit a woman so hard that he sent her to the hospital, he’d be in prison. Now he can get paid for it.

In the video, McGuire explains, while the idea that gender is a personal choice might sound enlightened to some, it’s actually very anti-scientific and especially anti-women:

That’s because the men-and-women-are-the-same argument invariably leads women to be judged against a male standard. Or, to put it another way, to be more of a woman, a woman has to be more like a man….

For the tiny percentage of people who experience gender dysphoria, we should have nothing but compassion. We should do everything we can to help them and protect their dignity, but we don’t need to overturn biologically defined sex differences to do so.

Men and women are inherently different, and women will pay an especially high price if we continue to pretend otherwise. The incident with Fox and Brents proves a man can break a woman’s skull in the name of progress, because everyone is too “politically correct” to break his heart with reality.

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Mother, 38, is arrested in front of her children and locked in a cell for seven HOURS after calling a transgender woman a man on Twitter

  • Police officers detained Kate Scottow, 38, at her home in Hitchin, Hertfordshire
  • More than two months after her arrest and she has had neither her mobile phone or laptop returned
  • The complaints made by activist Stephanie Hayden led to arrest of Mrs Scottow.

A mother was arrested in front of her children and locked up for seven hours after referring to a transgender woman as a man online.

Three officers detained Kate Scottow at her home before quizzing her at a police station about an argument with an activist on Twitter over so-called ‘deadnaming’.

The 38-year-old, from Hitchin, Hertfordshire, had her photograph, DNA and fingerprints taken and remains under investigation.

More than two months after her arrest on December 1, she has had neither her mobile phone or laptop returned, which she says is hampering her studies for a Masters in forensic psychology.

9609546-6687123-image-a-24_1549760151499Three officers detained Kate Scottow, 38, at her home in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, before quizzing her at a police station.


Writing on online forum Mumsnet, Mrs Scottow – who has also been served with a court order that bans her from referring to her accuser as a man – claimed: ‘I was arrested in my home by three officers, with my autistic ten-year-old daughter and breastfed 20-month-old son present.

‘I was then detained for seven hours in a cell with no sanitary products (which I said I needed) before being interviewed then later released under investigation … I was arrested for harassment and malicious communications because I called someone out and misgendered them on Twitter.’

Confirming the arrest, Hertfordshire Police said: ‘We take all reports of malicious communication seriously.’

The case is the latest where police have been accused of being heavy-handed in dealing with people who go online to debate gender issues.

Sitcom writer Graham Linehan was given a verbal harassment warning by West Yorkshire Police after transgender activist Stephanie Hayden reported him for referring to her by her previous names and pronouns on Twitter.

9609548-6687123-image-a-12_1549759577987Complaints made by Stephanie Hayden led both to the arrest of, and injunction against, Mrs Scottow.


It was complaints by Miss Hayden that led both to the arrest of, and injunction against, Mrs Scottow.

High Court papers obtained by The Mail on Sunday detail how Mrs Scottow is accused of a ‘campaign of targeted harassment’ against Miss Hayden, allegedly motivated by her ‘status as a transgender woman’.

The papers claim that, as a ‘toxic’ debate raged online over plans to allow people to ‘self-ID’ as another gender, Mrs Scottow tweeted ‘defamatory’ messages about Miss Hayden.

She is also alleged to have used accounts in two names to ‘harass, defame, and publish derogatory and defamatory tweets’ about Miss Hayden, including referring to her as male, stating she was ‘racist, xenophobic and a crook’ and mocking her as a ‘fake lawyer’.

Mrs Scottow denied harassing or defaming Miss Hayden and said she holds a ‘genuine and reasonable belief’ that a human ‘cannot practically speaking change sex’, but Deputy Judge Jason Coppel QC issued an interim injunction that bans her from posting any personal information about Miss Hayden on social media, ‘referencing her as a man’ or linking her to her ‘former male identity’.

Mrs Scottow last night declined to comment.

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