Case dismissed for man who shot and killed two burglars

f4a88100-59cf-4894-940a-50d9a39844a2-large16x9_DEERFIELDMANWKTVCase dismissed for man who shot and killed two burglars (Photo: WKTV)


The Deerfield man who shot and killed two people in May after they broke into his home appeared in Deerfield Town Court Monday night, according to our news partners WKTV.

Ronald Stolarcyzk, 64, interrupted a burglary at his home in Deerfield, then shot and killed the two suspects with an illegally owned handgun, according to police

Police identified the two people killed as Patricia Anne Talerico, 57, of Utica and her nephew, Nicholas Talerico, 27 of Utica.

Stolarcyzk was charged with criminal possession of a weapon, with investigators saying he used his deceased father’s gun, which was never registered to Ronald Stolarcyzk.

The Oneida County District Attorney had said Stolarcyzk’s actions seemed justified.

Monday night, Judge Thomas Larkin dropped the charges against Stolarczyk and dismissed his case in the interest of justice, WKTV reported.

Stolarczyk’s attorney, Mark Wolber, has been asking since the beginning for the charges to be dropped.

“The district attorney’s office has been very agreeable with us and I believe they did the right thing,” Wolber told WKTV. “But this is what I thought was the right outcome from the beginning, given all the facts and circumstances of the case and I am very pleased and gratified that this is the result.”

Stolarczyk shared of few words of his own with WKTV.

“I was just in fear for my life and I had to act right away because I said hold it right there and they just kept coming and I realized if they were able to grab the gun from me I’d probably be dead,” Stolarczyk told WKTV. “I think its a very good outcome, I’m happy that all the charges were dropped.”

Stolarczyk is still not able to live in his home due to the condition of the structure, but he says he is safe where he is staying, according to WKTV.


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