Actress Josie Harris, Mother of Floyd Mayweather’s Children, Dead at 40 Years Old


Josie Harris, who shares three children with boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, was found dead Monday night at her Valencia, Calif., home. She was 40 years old.

TMZ reports that Harris was found unresponsive in her car after authorities were called to her home at approximately 9:30 p.m. While the circumstances sound suspicious, authorities do not believe foul play to be involved. As such, the case is being investigated as a death instead of a homicide.

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Harris was the mother of three of Mayweather’s four children—Koraun Mayweather, 20; Zion Mayweather, 18; and their daughter Jirah Mayweather, 15.

The relationship between Harris and Mayweather was notoriously tumultuous throughout the years, with the aspiring actress accusing the undefeated boxer of domestic abuse on six separate occasions, including the infamous September2010 incident in which he allegedly pulled her hair and physically assaulted her in front of their children.


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Their oldest son, Koraun, testified against his father at the time and provided a written account of the brutal attack to police. Mayweather would then serve two months behind bars for the incident.

“I just thanked [Koraun] because I didn’t know how long it was going to go on,” she told USA Today in a 2017 interview. “And I just feel like if he wouldn’t have gone to get the help that I may not even be able to be sitting here today.”

At her time of death, her $20 million defamation lawsuit against Mayweather remained unresolved. It was related to his claims in an interview with Katie Couric that Harris was on drugs during the 2010 incident.