Puerto Rican Couple Yanked From Their Car and Shot By Mob of Black Men in Chicago

A man was killed, and a woman was critically injured in a shooting Saturday night in Humboldt Park.

There has been crickets in the media about this possible hate crime.

The shooting took place as people were leaving Chicago’s 43rd Annual Puerto Rican People’s Day Parade, which people from all over the country and Puerto Rico travel to the city to attend.

The victims had a large Puerto Rican flag waving from their car when they were approached by a mob of black men and pulled from the vehicle and shot.

Police say the couple was “ambushed” by “up to three males.”

ABC 7 reports that “the man was rushed to Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead, police said. He has not been identified. The woman was struck in the neck and rushed to Stroger Hospital in critical condition, police said.”



“She was terrified, absolutely terrified because she had been raped previously while in the male facility, her transgender status had not been respected and she had grave concerns about her safety.”

An inmate who is transgender said she was raped multiple times at a state prison in southern Colorado.

The attorney now representing Lindsay Saunders-Velez’ attorney claims the latest attack happened hours after a judge denied a request to keep her in a safer area.

Paula Greisen with the King & Greisen law firm in Denver is representing Saunders-Velez. Greisen said Saunders-Velez was raped at the men’s prison in Canon City last month.

She said her client was transferred there in spring 2017 after violating probation she had been serving at a female youth correctional facility.

Saunders-Velez filed a lawsuit in July 2017, without any legal help, after other alleged assaults at the men’s prison.

That lawsuit said the state corrections system is “discriminatory and dangerous” for transgender inmates.

Greisen picked up the case in April 2018 after the Transgender Law Center in California asked her to take the case. Greisen said she quickly learned Saunders-Velez was being transferred to an area known as a “punishment pod” after being accused of trying to kiss another inmate.

“She was terrified, absolutely terrified because she had been raped previously while in the male facility, her transgender status had not been respected and she had grave concerns about her safety,” said Greisen.

“As soon as I found out what the situation was, I prepared and filed a restraining order with the federal court to try and protect her from harm,” she added.

A judge denied the request and Saunders-Velez was sent to the “punishment pod” where Greisen said her client was raped a second time and spent a week in the infirmary after the rape.

Greisen said prisons generally house transgender inmates based on the gender on their birth certificates.

“The fact is it’s well documented across this nation that transgender women are raped at an increasingly higher rate, and it’s simply not acceptable,” she said.

The Colorado Department of Corrections said it cannot comment on active litigation.

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He said he punched a woman for calling him Nigger. A jury called it murder.

Robert Coleman, 27, was found guilty of second-degree murder Monday in Alexandria Circuit Court. (Alexandria Detention Center)


“We of course remain disappointed that they didn’t see it as manslaughter,” Coleman’s attorney, Robert Jenkins, said after the jury returned. He said Coleman and his family were “grateful” for the jury’s recommended sentence, given that second-degree murder can carry a punishment of up to 40 years. It reflected, Jenkins said, “that this was not something that he wanted to happen, that he did not intend to take someone’s life.”

A judge will formally sentence Coleman on May 24, but deviations from jury recommendations are rare. He is being held at the Alexandria Detention Center.

“In an all-too-often repeated theme, a tragedy unfolded because of a defendant’s inability to tolerate a perceived slight,” Commonwealth’s Attorney Bryan Porter said in a statement. “Verbal arguments should never devolve into physical altercations because physical altercations often bring devastating consequences.”

[Woman assaulted outside a convenience store in Alexandria dies]

Coleman and Montiel-Benitez were strangers. Coleman was buying cigarettes. Montiel-Benitez was buying alcohol at the convenience store near the Mark Center on Seminary Road.

The source of the animosity between them remains a mystery. Surveillance video shows they engaged in a brief conversation, but there is no audio. Coleman’s girlfriend, Nikki Howard, testified she could not hear the entire conversation but broke the two up. In the video, Montiel-Benitez is seen walking to Coleman says that is when she called him the n-word; Howard remembered her cursing. In the video Coleman can be seen chasing Montiel-Benitez outside.


Through the leaves of a tree, another camera captures the punch that put Montiel-Benitez in a coma from which she did not recover.

Coleman fled the scene and was picked up the next day when a detective recognized him in the surveillance video. He at first denied involvement in what he thought was simply an assault. When he was told Montiel-Benitez was in critical condition, he admitted hitting her, but said he had not meant to cause serious harm.

He also thought the heavyset woman with short hair was a man, he told detectives.

Lord argued the focus on Montiel-Benitez’s appearance at trial, as well as the high level of alcohol in her system, was disrespectful to the dead.the door and then turning.

“She deserves to be treated with more humanity,” he told the jury.

He said Coleman was “a bully who was looking for a fight” and picked on Montiel-Benitez, who was just trying to get away.

Jenkins told jurors Montiel-Benitez’s .351 blood alcohol level and size might help explain why Coleman believed “this was going to be mutual combat, and he struck first.”

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