AMERICANS ONLINE: Google Futurist Predicts That Most Humans Will Be Cyborgs By 2030

In a recent interview, famous futurologist and transhumanist Ray Kurzweil predicted that humans would become technological “hybrids”, or more accurately, cyborgs. At the Exponential Finance conference in New York on Wednesday, Kurzweil told an audience that our brains would be directly connected to “the cloud” in the 2030s, making us technological human hybrids.

“Our thinking then will be a hybrid of biological and non-biological thinking. We’ll be able to extend our limitations and think in the cloud. We’re going to put gateways to the cloud in our brains, We’re going to gradually merge and enhance ourselves. In my view, that’s the nature of being human – we transcend our limitations,” he said.

Kurzweil is known to make radical predictions like this, but many times he is actually correct.  In 1990, he predicted that robots would beat humans at chess by 1998, an accomplishment made by IBM’s Deep Blue, against Garry Kasparov, in 1997.

Bill Gates has called Kurzweil “the best person I know at predicting the future of artificial intelligence”, and that may be why he was scooped up by Google in recent years and given a blank check to conduct his studies.

Last year, Kurzweil predicted that robots will be smarter than humans by the year 2029. Not only that but he also predicts that by 2045, computers will be a billion times more powerful than all of the human brains on Earth. According to him human beings will also become immortal in the year 2045.


Woman allegedly shoots husband in head for speaking to her in the wrong tone of voice!

Lawanda Brown, 57, was arrested for attempted murder, the sheriff’s office said. (Nassau County Sheriff’s Office)

FLORIDA — What started out as a simple Google search together, led to a violent act, according to the New York Post.

58-year-old Tony Brown was found in a pool full of blood after his 57-year-old wife, Lawanda Brown, allegedly shot him in the head.

According to the New York Post, the two were working on a project for their consulting agency, when things suddenly took a turn for the worse.

Lawanda said she didn’t like the tone of voice Tony was using towards her when she asked him to search Google for a project template. She told investigators that the last thing she remembered was her husband walking out of the room.

Shortly after, she said her memory then became “a blur.”

Tony was airlifted to the hospital where he is in critical condition. Lawanda was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, according to the New York Post.

She is being held on a $500,000 bail.

According to the New York Post, Tony was nominated in 2001 by President George W. Bush for a position in the US Treasury Department.

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