Syracuse cop held gun to girlfriend’s head, beat her while driving, court docs show

Ahmad H. Mims was arrested in Onondaga County and Warren County on Sept. 15 after he beat up his girlfriend and held his gun to her head. Mims is a Syracuse police officer. He was suspended with pay shortly after the arrests. (Provided by NYS Troopers)

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — A city cop held his gun to his girlfriend’s head, beat her up and threatened her friend at gunpoint, according to court documents.

Ahmad H. Mims was arrested Sept. 15 and charged with assault, menacing and criminal weapon possession, all misdemeanors.

Court documents obtained by reveal the brutality of the crimes Mims was charged with. In a sworn statement, his girlfriend told of times Mims attacked her, brandished his gun and threatened to kill himself if she went to the authorities, often after a night of drinking. She described four instances over two months.

The girlfriend reported his abuse and suicidal behavior to the Syracuse Police Department on Sept. 8.

Mims has been suspended from the department with pay since Sept. 17.

Sgt. Rick Helterline, a Syracuse police spokesman, said Mims was out of work on an “unrelated injury” for the days between the girlfriend’s report and Mims’ arrest. Helterline said police recovered his service weapon “immediately after this information was developed.”

Mims, 34, is a member of the Crime Reduction Team, a specialized unit tasked with combating the city’s worst criminals. He grew up in North Syracuse, and was a standout high school basketball player. He’s been with the Syracuse Police Department since 2011 and made $106,710 last year.

Here’s the account of what happened, according to sworn statements from the girlfriend and a witness, which prompted an investigation and arrest:

Mims is accused of holding his girlfriend at gunpoint in the passenger seat of his Dodge Durango while driving. He had gone to her house in Cicero at 3 a.m. on July 6 and tried to take her cell phone.

While the two argued, one of her male friends pulled up to the house. She had invited the friend over for support after she and Mims fought earlier in the night, she said. The friend and girlfriend said Mims began yelling at the man and approached the car. He pulled a black handgun from his waistband, pulled the slide to put a round in the chamber and told the man to “get the **** out of here.”

Mims — who the girlfriend said was drunk — then forced his girlfriend into his SUV and began driving around Cicero while shouting at her and waving his handgun. She said she begged him to let her go. As they drove on South Bay Road over Interstate 81, he put the gun to the left side of her head. He swore at her and hit her at least once in the head.

The girlfriend fled the vehicle as they pulled into the parking lot of the Kinney Drugs store on Thompson Road. Mims chased her down, put her in a headlock and dragged her back into the car, she said.

Several weeks later, the couple went to Lake George. After spending the day on Mims’ boat with friends, the two got in an argument. He had discovered Snapchat messages on her phone from male friends, which she described as innocent.

They were in his vehicle near Million Dollar Beach when the argument began. She tried to jump from the moving vehicle. He pulled her into his lap and punched her in the face and ribs then threw her against the passenger door. Blood spattered from her face onto the window.

She said Mims was immediately remorseful, and pulled into a rest area where he began hitting himself in the head with his gun.

They spent the rest of the weekend at the Rodeway Inn hotel icing her injuries, since her face was swollen and bloody. They agreed to make up a story that she had been jumped in a bar so family and friends wouldn’t know what had happened.

About two weeks after that, the girlfriend told Mims the relationship was over. She threatened to tell police what he had done. Mims left to drink, she said. Later, he texted her from his Syracuse police email account saying he wouldn’t go to jail. He sent a picture of himself with a gun in his mouth.

Three days later, on Sept. 8, the girlfriend again told Mims the relationship was over after he had decided to go out drinking with some cop friends. Mims again threatened suicide. The girlfriend then called another officer in the SPD to report his behavior.

Around 5 a.m. on Sept. 9, Mims was picked up by police and brought to the hospital. On Sept. 10, a family court judge approved a restraining order barring Mims from going near the girlfriend, and she decided to press criminal charges.

Warrants were issued for Mims’ arrest in Onondaga County and Warren County on Sept. 15, after state police investigated and took sworn statements from the girlfriend and the man Mims’ allegedly threatened with a gun.

According to an arrest report, Mims turned himself in to state police in Syracuse at 10:50 a.m. on Sept. 15. He was arraigned at 5 p.m. then transported to Warren County and arrested for the assault in Lake George.

He was arraigned in Glens Falls City Court Sunday morning, Sept. 16.

That Monday, the Syracuse Police Department suspended him. He’s been suspended with pay since, pending the results of his case. His court date in Warren County is scheduled for Dec. 13.

Niether Mims’ attorney, the girlfriend nor the Onondaga County District Attorney handling the case could be reached for comment Wednesday.

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Police: Syracuse Trio Busted With 5 Guns, Heroin And Cocaine!


Jaytaj R. Battle, 22, Anita G. Mason, 46, and Terrell L. Porch, Jr., 17 (left to right).

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — When Syracuse police officers searched 105 Lombard Avenue, they found guns and drugs spread throughout the house, according to felony complaints filed in City of Syracuse court.

In all, police found five guns, four digital scales, $4,000, 3.7 grams of cocaine, 5.5 grams of heroin, glassine envelopes and rubber bands, court records said.

Anita G. Mason, 46, Jaytaj R. Battle, 22, and Terrell L. Porch Jr., 17, were arrested Wednesday and charged with various drug-related and weapon-related crimes, court records said.

Mason and Battle face four counts of felony criminal possession of a controlled substance, six counts of felony criminal possession of a weapon, five counts of criminal possession of a firearm, three counts of criminal possession of stolen property, two counts of misdemeanor criminal possession of a controlled substance and two counts of criminal use of drug paraphernalia, court records said.

The two were also charged with unlawful possession of marijuana, court records said.

Porch faces two counts of felony criminal possession of a controlled substance, one count of felony criminal possession of a weapon, five counts of misdemeanor criminal possession of a weapon, five counts of criminal possession of a firearm and two counts of criminal possession of stolen property, court records said.

The cocaine was split into three separate containers — two knotted plastic bags and a pill bottle — court records said. One of the plastic bags was found in a backpack in the dining room while the other plastic bag and pill bottle were found on top of an HVAC work duct, court records said.

More than three grams of the heroin was split into 84 glassine envelopes, while 2.2 grams of heroin were found in a knotted plastic bag, court records said. The envelopes were spread throughout the house: three in a dresser drawer, 41 in the backpack, 30 on a bedroom floor and 10 on a dining room table, court records said.

Officers also found marijuana in multiple rooms, court records said.

One of the guns, a Bryco Arms/Jennings .380 caliber gun, was found in a top dresser in a bedroom, court records said. A Ruger P95 9mm gun was found on the floor near a kitchen sink, court records said. Three guns — a Llama Mini-Max .40 caliber gun, a Bryco Arms/Jennings 9mm gun and a Raven Arms MP-25 .25 caliber gun — were found in a blue Adidas duffle bag in a front bedroom, court records said. Each gun was loaded with the proper ammunition, court records said.

Two of the guns were reported stolen, court records said. The Llama Mini-Max .40 was reported stolen in the City of Fulton on Aug. 2, 2016 and the Ruger P95 9mm was reported stolen in Baldwin, Georgia on Dec. 14, 2010.

One scale was found in a top dresser drawer in a rear bedroom, two scales were found in a kitchen cabinet and another scale was found on top of a cold air vent, according to court records.

Mason and Porch are being held on $50,000 bail and $100,000 bond while Battle is being held on $40,000 bail and $80,000 bond, according to the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office’s justice center inmate lookup.

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