Dad of burned toddler tried to hide from cops: sources

The father of a 3-year-old found burned to death in a chained-shut car in Queens Sunday tried to hide from cops as his daughter was consumed by flames, according to police sources.

Martin Pereira, 39, was found stripped down to his underwear and hiding near Baisley Park Pond — while a tan Audi A6 containing his 3-year-old daughter Zoey Pereira smoldered hundreds of feet away near Baisley Boulevard and 155th Street, the source said.


“The only reason [cops] found him was that a piece of his clothing was on fire. He was stripped down to his underwear,” the source said, adding that Pereira was trying to hide from police.

Pereira was taken into custody but has not been charged in Zoey’s death — which was ruled a homicide Monday. Doctors were treating him for second- and third-degree burns at Weill-Cornell Medical Center in Manhattan on Monday.

Cops believe the dad was embroiled in a custody dispute with Zoey’s mom and was supposed to be returning the child to the mother Sunday night, another law enforcement source said.

The frantic mom called 911 to report her child missing around the same time Zoey was burning, the source added.

Two of the girl’s aunts raged about Pereira outside the tot’s mother’s house Monday.

“He did that to her. That’s not even human, that’s an animal,” said one of the aunts.

“Hopefully he dies. I’m just being honest. I hope he dies,” the other added.

It was Pereira’s second weekend with the child since he split with Zoey’s mom, the second aunt added.

“His behavior recently has been very erratic,” she said.

Pierera posted a photo of Zoey to Facebook just hours before she was killed.

The portrait shows the little girl with freshly styled hair sitting in what appears to be a hair salon with balloons in the background.


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Florida Man beat 3-year-old girl with brick inside bin, police say

Miami Gardens police charged Tristan Tavares Bernard with attempted second-degree murder and other felonies Friday in connection with the Thursday night attack. (Source: Miami Gardens Police Department)


MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. (AP) — Police say an 18-year-old Florida man beat a 3-year-old girl with a brick inside a community recycling bin, leaving her critically injured.

Miami Gardens police charged Tristan Tavares Bernard with attempted second-degree murder and other felonies Friday in connection with the Thursday night attack.

Police say Bernard’s mother was babysitting the girl. Neighbors told reporters they went outside after hearing screams and saw the girl in the bin as Bernard smashed her head with the brick. They said he ran off when they approached. The girl was taken to a Miami hospital for surgery and was in critical condition.

Police say Bernard told detectives he hit the girl because she left the house and wouldn’t listen to him.

Bernard’s family members told reporters he has a history of mental instability.


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Man charged with murder for punching newborn son after losing video game

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A man has been charged with murder after police said he punched his one-month-old son in the head out of frustration over losing a video game.

The baby was initially listed in serious condition but later succumbed to their injuries, according to LMPD.

According to an arrest slip, Anthony Trice was home alone watching the child when he was playing video games. Trice started losing the game and became frustrated, throwing the controller and the punching his son in the head.

After punching the infant, police said Trice picked him up to try to quiet him and while carrying him into the kitchen, dropped the child.

Later, Trice made his son a bottle, set him upright and left him unattended to go to the bathroom. When he came back, he noticed the baby was in distress and called 911.

The boy was taken to Norton Children’s Hospital where he later died.

Trice has been charged with murder.


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Disturbing video shows mom dunking baby’s head under water

SPALDING COUNTY, Ga. – A 5-month-old girl is OK after police said her mother recorded herself plunging the baby’s head underwater.

Laquanda Mosley faces charges including aggravated assault with intent to murder, first-degree child cruelty and terroristic threats after police said she recorded a video of herself holding her baby underwater.

Channel 2’s Tom Jones tracked down the child’s father, who said he believes anger drove her actions.

“That was a vindictive act,” Kevin Dandridge said.

Dandridge said Mosley became upset and threatened to harm the child when he asked for custody. He said Mosley was angry at him and sent him the videos threatening to kill the child in retaliation.

He posted it on social media and it went viral. Dandridge, who lives out of state, said he posted it for one reason only.

“I just needed some help and I didn’t know how to locate her,” he explained.

He says a friend of Mosley’s saw his post and told him where she lives, and that’s how police found her.

Officers said the infant was taken to the hospital and was released.

Dandridge told Jones no father should have to see his child’s life threatened like that.

“I guess she just went off the deep end. I don’t understand,” he said.

Dandridge said Mosley was angry with him over money and the fact that he wanted custody of his child.

Police said when they arrived here at her home she had the baby and her 5- and 7-year-old children.

All the children in in the custody of child protective services.

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Man convicted in killing over child support payments in Prince George’s!

Daron Maurice Boswell-Johnson, center, shown following his 2016 arrest. (Prince George’s County Police Department)

A father accused of executing his 2-year-old daughter and her mother over child support payments has been convicted of first-degree murder.

A Prince George’s County jury returned the verdict Tuesday evening in the trial of Daron Maurice Boswell-Johnson after hearing testimony for more than a week.

Boswell-Johnson was charged in the February 2016 slaying of NeShante Alesha Davis, 26, and their daughter, Chloe Nichole Davis-Green, 2.

Davis was leaving her home for work and to take her daughter to day care before they were gunned down outside of her residence in Fort Washington, police said.

In a recorded statement with police that aired at trial, Boswell-Johnson said he went to Davis’s home to confront her about the $600-a-month child support the court had ordered him to pay, according to prosecutors.

Boswell-Johnson’s attorney argued that the confession from his client was coerced by police over an interrogation session that lasted more than 24 hours.

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