Fake Kamala Harris? Rumors of Harris Using a Body Double Go Viral!!

After conspiracy theories suggesting that the US First Lady Melania Trump allegedly uses a body double for her campaign trips surfaced recently, Vice-Presidential candidate Kamala Harris has also been accused of the same. The rumours of a ‘fake Kamala Harris’ went viral on social media after many people alleged that a body double of Kamala Harris was posing as the real Harris in Miami. The incident happened on Sunday afternoon when Laura Loomer was campaigning in Palm Beach, Florida, President Donald Trump’s home district. Soon after, a stretch limo pulled up and Kamala Harris stepped out from it, waving and posing with the voters. However, Laura Loomer alleged that it is a fake Harris and immediately started shouting, “That’s not Kamala Harris! That’s very deceptive to the voters!” Many on social media were also convinced that it was a body double of Kamala Harris, pretending to be her.

“Democrat voters at a polling place in Palm Beach got a great surprise today. While standing on line to vote, a stretch limo pulled up and out stepped Kamala Harris. she took photos and waved to the crowd to pump them up. . . Only problem was it wasn’t her. It was a body-double”