Gunman Kills NJ Judge Esther Salas’ Son, Wounds Her Husband Days After Taking Epstein Finances Case

U.S. District Judge Esther SalasStar-Ledger file photo

The son of a federal judge was killed and her husband was shot at their home in Middlesex County Sunday evening, officials said.

Mark Anderl, 63, a criminal defense attorney and husband of U.S. District Judge Esther Salas, and their son, Daniel, 20, were shot in an attack at their home in North Brunswick. Salas was not injured in the shooting.

North Brunswick Mayor Francis “Mac” Womack said the judge’s husband was in critical condition and underwent surgery and is now in stable condition. He said the couple’s son had died.

Chief U.S. District Court Judge Freda Wolfson told The Associated Press that the couple’s son was killed and Mark Anderl was wounded in the shooting.

The gunman may have been dressed as a FedEx deliveryman, two law enforcement sources told NJ Advance Media.

The FBI said they were searching for one subject, and asked for help from the public.

Mark Anderl in a file photo.Noah K. Murray

Anderl served as an assistant prosecutor in Essex County before entering private practice.

Judge Salas, who is based in Newark, was the first Hispanic female to be appointed to the U.S. District Court in New Jersey.

Salas, 51, has handled cases involving members of the Grape Street Crips, in connection with a long-running drug-trafficking network that was taken down by the FBI in 2015. She was also the judge who sent Real Housewives stars Joe and Teresa Giudice to prison.

Salas was nominated by President Obama as a U.S. District Court judge in December 2010. She was confirmed by the Senate in June 2011.

Anyone with information for investigators can call the FBI at 973-792-3001.

Investigators at the shooting scene at Judge Esther Salas’ home in North Brunswick Sunday, July 19, 2020.(Avalon Zoppo | NJ Advance Media)