Chicago Mayor had entire neighborhood’s cars towed to stop a church from having services!

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot had entire neighborhood’s cars towed to stop a church from having services.

The following has been TOTALLY censored from the MSM, this is the only place you are likely to see it.

The Mayor’s goal: To tow every car of everyone who attended church services.

The outcome: No church service attendees got towed, everyone else in the entire neighborhood did; and it was a disaster involving countless cars that were legally parked when the signs went up.

Here’s a summary of what happened: The mayor wanted to shut down a church. So on Saturday night, the mayor put up temporary no-parking signs in an entire neighborhood — while normal residents of the neighborhood had their cars totally legally parked and were sleeping. In the morning, at 7 AM, she had had a mob of tow trucks ready to arrive to take EVERYONE’s cars. They did. 

All cars were gone in a very short time – including those of people who were legally parked in front of their homes.

Well, it turned out the church had a contract with a bank and other businesses to use their parking lots, so all the parishoners (for the morning service) parked their cars in these lots; so none got towed.

When the mayor heard what happened, and that only normal residents plus medical workers and others who normally parked on the streets in that area got towed, the mayor flipped out and for the next services had police cars block entrances to the parking lots the church used to force churchgoers to park on the street where they would be towed. 

That was totally against the law, but the mayor – a well established communist – did it anyway. By that time, the church knew what was going on and warned everyone. RESULT: Zero church cars towed and one very pissed off neighborhood.


This is the type of thing that should trigger an impeachment of the mayor. It should also trigger a federal charge of Deprivation of Rights under Color of Law (18 USC 242) but the US Attorney’s Office in Chicago is apparently more interested in prosecuting radio hosts like Hal Turner over perfectly lawful Editorials they dislike, rather than uphold the Constitutional Rights of Chicagoans to attend church! 

Once again, the world gets to see the shear human  garbage infesting the US Attorney’s Office in Chicago; holding themselves out as honorable people when in reality, they are politically correct scum.

Incidentally, Lori Lightfoot is a lesbian who is currently “married” to another woman, who campaigned for her position on the principles of “Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, Transparency, Accountability, and Transformation.” Never mind the fact that she was probably rigged into power, let’s say it like it is:

A lesbian “equitably and transparently” ambush-posted “no parking” signs in the dead of night on a totally unaware neighborhood, for the purpose of “diversity and inclusion” of a CHRISTIAN church . . .  and “transformed” the entire neighborhood into a no-parking zone. She then forced “accountability” on residents, who had no clue what happened or why.

What a way to fulfill a campaign promise. But that’s how leftists do it, and this gal is a PRIME EXAMPLE.

But then again, the folks in Chicago who were stupid enough to elect this Communist as Mayor, deserve what happens to them.

Chicago likes to refer to itself as America’s “Second City” but in reality, Chicago might be better be described as a SECOND RATE city. With second rate Americans.

Black cats slaughtered and boiled in Vietnam to make coronavirus ‘cure’, says charity


Black cats are being killed in Vietnam and turned into concoction claimed to cure coronavirus, a charity has claimed.

The No To Dog Meat group in the country says the animals are being boiled, skinned and cooked into a pasta that people are drinking in the hope it will serve as a treatment for COVID-19.


Gruesome pictures and video obtained by the charity show rows of dead cats drying in the sun after being slaughtered, while others show cats being put into cooking pots.

Other images show the black paste allegedly produced by the process — with one apparently showing a baby being fed the mixture.

The charity says the practice is mainly happening in the city of Hanoi but the pasta is also being sold online, with traders adding ‘black cat’ to their list of supposed remedies for coronavirus.

Julia de Cadenet, founder of the charity which campaigns for an end to the dog and cat meat trade, said: “People all over the world are understandably terrified of COVID-19, but this does not excuse the horrific cruelty that Vietnamese people are inflicting on these poor cats.

“There is no evidence whatsoever that eating cats cures coronavirus, and even if there was, this inhumane treatment is a level of cruelty that is unacceptable even for those who eat meat.

“In China when the virus first broke rumours flew around that pets could spread the disease, this led to many people and the authorities rounding up animals and killing them.

“Our human fears about this pandemic should not be used as an excuse to treat defenceless animals who look to us for protection, with utter contempt.”


She said she has warned both the UK Government and the United Nations repeatedly that unsanitary meat production such as the dog and cat meat trade could cause a global health crisis.

She added: “They recognise that live slaughter of animals in markets is particularly unsanitary and that human consumption of wildlife and endangered species must end.

“China recently banned eating wildlife and formally recognised dogs and cats as pets, not food but more needs to be done throughout Asia.

“In Vietnam and Indonesia, the practice of eating dogs and cats and exotic wildlife is still highly prevalent. Traders have been promoting ‘ exotic’ meats as a cure to coronavirus.”

South Carolina Manicurist ‘Very Calm’ as She is Eaten By Alligator

“I guess I won’t do this again,” were her last words before she was pulled under.

A manicurist in South Carolina has been killed by an alligator she insisted on trying to touch.

Cynthia Covert, 58, was visiting a woman’s home on Kiawah Island last Friday to do her nails, when she spotted the reptile near a pond.

The witness told the Charleston County Sheriff that the woman was not acting like her normal self, and was more talkative and relaxed than usual, FOX8 reported.

Investigators asked if her behavior may have been drug or alcohol related, she replied Covert “came to her residence with a glass of wine, but that was the only thing she saw.”

After spying the alligator she went down to have a closer look, despite the woman and her husband warning her against it.

The couple even told her that an alligator had “grabbed a deer” from that exact same spot just days earlier; but she replied “I don’t look like a deer,” before proceeding to try and touch the gator.

That’s when the predator clamped its jaws around her leg and began dragging her into the water.

The pair ran to grab a shovel to try fend off the animal, while one threw a rope to her to try pull her back onto the bank.

The victim meanwhile did not scream.

“Covert was about waist deep in the water and she stated in a very calm voice ‘I guess I won’t do this again’ as they tried to pull her from the water,” the Sheriff’s report states.

“The alligator took her under the water and she released the rope.”

Covert’s body was later discovered “intact with severe wounds to her leg.”

The country coroner determined the cause of death was drowning, which is how alligators commonly kill their prey.

The gator was later tracked down and killed by authorities.

Bulgarian Woman Aspiring To Have Biggest Lips In The World Undergoes 20th Injection

Woman with possibly the biggest lips in the world shares pics of her ever-growing pout after undoing her 20th lip injection

Kylie Jenner might have the most iconic pout out there, but ‘real life Barbie’ Andrea Ivanova has undergone 20 injections in an attempt to get the biggest. 

Andrea, from Bulgaria, began her transformation in 2018 and has since spent thousands of pounds on procedures to plump up her lips.

By December 2018 her mouth had quadrupled in size, but the 22-year-old still wasn’t satisfied and has gone on to have even more injections to achieve her goal.

Woman with possibly the biggest lips in the world shares pics of her ever-growing pout after undoing her 20th lip injection

Andrea, from Bulgaria, underwent her 20th hyaluronic acid lip injection last Tuesday, April 28, though she’s still not sure if her lips are the world’s biggest.

Speaking about the procedure, Andrea said:

I like my new lips a lot, it was hard to eat after the injection and two to three days after the procedure gets more difficult. There are no restrictions to what I can eat.

I love [my lips]. I am not sure if they are the biggest lips in the world but they are one of the biggest, I think.


Woman with possibly the biggest lips in the world shares pics of her ever-growing pout after undoing her 20th lip injection

Though some doctors have advised Andrea she doesn’t need any more fillers, she ‘still wants [her lips] bigger’.

She described her lips as ‘lovely’ and has previously said that she will ‘stop at nothing’ to achieve her goal.

She continued:

I feel great to have even more but some doctors think it’s enough.

My doctor said he will do more injections for me but said I have to wait for at least two months.

Woman with possibly the biggest lips in the world shares pics of her ever-growing pout after undoing her 20th lip injection

Andrea admitted to having lost count of how much money she’s spent on injections over the years, but with each treatment costing an average of £134 it’s likely she’s spent upwards of £2,600 ($3,200) on her look.

The 22-year-old has documented her journey on Instagram, where she posts pictures of her lips to 32,100 followers.

Woman with possibly the biggest lips in the world shares pics of her ever-growing pout after undoing her 20th lip injection

She uploaded a picture of her pout following the latest procedure and captioned the photo with the hashtags ‘#love #bigger #lips’. Adoring fans have praised her appearance, with one saying: ‘Bigger is better.’

Another Instagram user added:

I love Andreas [sic] perfect big lips.

Woman with possibly the biggest lips in the world shares pics of her ever-growing pout after undoing her 20th lip injection

Though she has received criticism for her look, Andrea said it ‘doesn’t matter’ what people think as long as she likes it.

She said:

I’m broad-minded and I think people should be free to choose which one is for them – big, bigger or too big.

It’s unclear whether Andrea will ever be satisfied with the size of her pout, but I’m sure she won’t stop until she is.

Murder Hornets’ in the U.S.: The Rush to Stop the Asian Giant Hornet

Maybe quarantining isn’t such a bad idea after all.

In case you doubted that 2020 couldn’t get worse, I have two words for you: “murder hornets.” The deadly Asian giant hornet, the largest sized species of hornets in the world, has been discovered in the United States for the first time ever.

The Asian giant hornet is also known as “murder hornets,” the “Giant Sparrow Bee,” and the “yak killer.” The species is native to temperate and tropical Eastern Asia. However, beekeepers in northwestern Washington state and Canada have found hundreds of decapitated honey bees, pointing to the presence of Asian Giant Hornets in North America.

The Asian Giant Hornet preys on larger insects, such as praying mantises, wasps, other hornets, as well as bees. The murder hornets are so lethal that in a matter of hours, they can wipe out entire colonies of eusocial insects, including bees. An individual hornet can kill 40 European honey bees in one minute.

“With queens that can grow to two inches long, Asian giant hornets can use mandibles shaped like spiked shark fins to wipe out a honeybee hive in a matter of hours, decapitating the bees and flying away with the thoraxes to feed their young,” the New York Times reported. “For larger targets, the hornet’s potent venom and stinger — long enough to puncture a beekeeping suit — make for an excruciating combination that victims have likened to hot metal driving into their skin.”

The sting of an Asian giant hornet can even kill humans. Over the course of three months in 2013, Asian Giant Hornets killed 42 people and injured 1,675 people in China. Japan reports that Asian giant hornets kill 50 people a year. Maybe quarantining is a great idea after all.

The murder hornet’s toxic venom destroys red blood cells, which can result in kidney failure and death, explained Justin O. Schmidt, an entomologist at the Southwest Biological Institute in Tucson, Arizona. Some people are more allergic to insect stings than others, which can cause a fatal anaphylactic reaction that closes airways or triggers cardiac arrest.

Researchers want to stop the deadly murder hornets from establishing a home in the U.S. and decimating bee populations.

“This is our window to keep it from establishing,” Chris Looney, an entomologist at the Washington State Department of Agriculture, told the Times. “If we can’t do it in the next couple of years, it probably can’t be done.”

The Asian giant hornet was also recently found across the border in Canada.

How long before there is uproar about the name “Asian giant hornet?” Will there be a campaign to change the name to the scientific name of “Vespa mandarinia?” That also links the deadly insects to China, so that won’t work. Looks like we have to call them “murder hornets.”

Virginia Teen Dies After Summoning Ancient Haitian Voodoo God Papa Legba


The recent death of a Virginia teen has been blamed on her practicing Haitian Voodoo spells to summon the deity known as “Papa Legba.” 19-year-old Katelyn “Kat” Restin was found dead after she allegedly drowned in a bathtub, according to posts on social media from her friends.

Restin’s unexpected death came just two days after she claimed to have seen Papa Legba apparently after a summoning spell people warned her not to try.

Papa Legba is a “loa,” which are spirits of Haitian Vodou and Louisiana Voodoo.

Legba represents a West African and Caribbean Voodoo god and has many different names depending on the region in which he’s worshipped, though he’s most commonly known in Haiti as Papa Legba.

According to a description of Papa Legba from Wikipedia, Legba “stands at a spiritual crossroads and gives (or denies) permission to speak with the spirits of Guinee, and is believed to speak all human languages.”

Papa Legba was famously depicted in 2013’s American Horror Story: Coven (Season 3) as a crossroads demon and the character was portrayed by Lance Reddick. The character briefly returned in 2018’s American Horror Story: Apocalypse(Season 8).


Katelyn was a part of a group on social media that practices spells, and one day she decided to get into “voodoo.”

When people warned her not to play around with that stuff, she clapped back on Twitter, saying that there’s nothing wrong with trying something new.

“Let people live and have their own religion,” she wrote in a post dated March 29th. “If someone is into something different accept that. Stop saying ‘no you come from God.’ I’m Wiccan and I always will be so shut the f**k up and let me be.”


Three weeks later, Kat posted on April 17th that she’d seen Papa Legba and was “scared.” Two days later, she “passed away unexpectedly in her mother’s home,” according to her obituary, which also notes that she “was a proud new mom and adored her baby, Aaliyah.”

Kat’s obituary continues: “She was always the bright spirit of any gathering, and her resilience to keep going in challenging times inspired many of her family and friends. Katelyn always will be so deeply loved and very missed by all.”

Posts on social media suggest that Katelyn’s death was supposedly caused by drowning after she had a panic attack in a bathtub.

Someone from the Facebook group she was a part of said they “did a reading on her,” and it wasn’t Papa Legba she saw … it was actually another Haitian Vodou spirit named “Baron,” who is referred to as “the master of the dead.”

Katelyn’s family has set up a GoFundMe to establish a trust for her five-month-old daughter Aaliyah.

“She leaves behind a beautiful daughter…Aaliyah, whom she loved more than anyone or anything. ‘I never thought I could ever love anyone as much as I love her,’ Katelyn would say following her birth.

“She didn’t expect or plan on leaving her so soon in her young life. Aaliyah is only 5 months old,” the page reads.

“Katelyn was blessed with a loving family and many supportive friends. Many have asked how they can help, and they want to be there for Aaliyah.

“Therefore, in honor of Katelyn (and the love she had for her daughter), this GoFundMe account is set up to establish a trust fund for Aaliyah, to assist financially in the next phase of her life without her beloved mother. Katelyn was a single mother, with a limited income, so your donations will help to give Aaliyah a better start in her life.”