Tina Toon AOC Caught Red Handed!

AOC got caught with her hand in the proverbial “cookie jar”.

A complaint was filed with the FEC on Monday, stating two PACs founded by Rep. Alexandria Ocaiso-Cortez’s top aid funneled over $1 million in political donations into two of his own private companies.

The cash transfers from the PACs run counter to AOC’s pledges to increase “transparency and reduce “dark money” influence in politics.

Another case of  “the rules do not apply to me”?

Of course AOC denied any wrong doing and claimed there was no violation.

Looks like the socialist freshman congresswoman is trying to cut the line in Democrat corruption. Hey AOC, it usually takes years to be this bold, stupid and corrupt.

We think AOC is ahead of the curve.

Hope you enjoyed this Tina Toon with extra Spice!