The 2020 Democrats Push Left

“The 2020 Democrats Push Left”

The Democrat Party is now openly moving lockstep toward outright socialism. Bernie Sanders is a communist masquerading as a socialist and ‘independent.’

The rest of the candidates are unabashed socialists calling for open borders and ‘free stuff.’ Joe Biden might not be as far left as the others, but he’s very old and, well, creepy. It’s unlikely that he’ll gain much momentum.

This brings me to Hillary Clinton. She will most likely run again and claim to be a traditional, reasonable, and ‘centrist’ sort of Democrat. She has plenty of money and she’ll be seen as the wise voice of common sense. What she still represents of course is Deep State globalism and corruption. She’ll continue Obama’s destruction of America.

The Democrats will not win the presidency with their promises of ‘free stuff.’ Thinking people know it leads to destruction. Our Republic stands for freedom and individual rights. Socialism takes liberty away. If the Democrats want to push their party over the cliff of socialism, we will gladly wave goodbye.

As President Trump stated in his State of the Union Address, “America is not a socialist country.”

—Ben Garrison

AOC, As The Worm Turns

AOC, As The Worm Turns

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, (also known as ‘Occasional Cortex,’ or ‘Ocrazio,’) spoke out against billionaire Jeff Bezos, (also known as ‘Dr. Evil,’). We know that AOC despises rich people and especially considers billionaires to be ‘immoral.’

Yet her wormy outspokenness against Amazon bringing thousands of jobs to New York caused Bezos to lose his appetite for the Big Apple.

Yeah, I know we shouldn’t reduce her name down to an acronym similar to JFK or RFK. She doesn’t deserve such status, but her name is long so I will do it. AOC loves taxes. She couldn’t stand the fact that Bezos would get a sweetheart deal while paying little to tax-happy New York bureaucrats. I wonder if she considered how 25,000 newly employed and well-paid people would pay taxes, thus making up for it.

Too many millennials now believe socialism is the way to go. This is why I’ve drawn so many anti-AOC cartoons. She’s the loud, aggressive and ignorant face of socialism. Her militant ignorance must be opposed at every turn and I’m opposing her in cartoon form.

Socialists must not steal the Republic.

Ben Garrison