Jussie Smollett’s Drug Of Choice

Jussie Smollett’s tangled web of lies is falling apart. At the end of January, Smollett claimed he was involved in a racist, homophobic attack by two red capped men yelling “This is MAGA country!” He claimed they punched him and wrapped a “noose” around his neck and poured bleach or gasoline on him.

The media went bonkers and ran with his story, using it to tar and feather all “racist” MAGA hat wearing Trump supporters and the President himself.
No journalist did any digging or investigation to verify the story. The FAKE News media gave this story wall to wall coverage of how this racist, horrible attack could only be the result of Trump’s America. Journalism is dead.

Smollett is now facing felony charges for staging a fake “hate crime” attack.

Now Jussie’s excuse is “the drugs” made him do it! Did you hear that? That’s the Excuse Train pulling into the station. The only high Jussie is on, is the Trump Derangement hit from his drug of choice..Hate.