Ohio mayor resigns after being caught on video repeatedly using racial slurs on his police chief’s bodycam

An Ohio village mayor has announced he will resign after he was caught on camera repeatedly using racial slurs.

The video, captured on Crestline police chief Joe Butler’s body camera, shows the village’s mayor Allen Moore using the word ‘n*****’ four times during a conversation at his garage in June.

Moore apologized after the video was released earlier this month, saying the recording was made without his knowledge after he had earlier asked Butler to stop his ‘usual practice’ of recording all conversations, the Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum reported.

He conceded that ‘that is no excuse for using the language in that video.’

5168560-6291103-image-a-69_1539875125129Crestline mayor Allen Moore was caught on the police chief’s bodycam (pictured) using racial slurts


His apology did little to appease the community of around 4,400 people and many residents and council members called for his resignation.

Moore said he would resign by the end of the week at a village council meeting on Monday night – an announcement that was met with applause from the 50 or so people in attendance.

It came during a public comment part of the meeting, in which Gary Almanson, a resident of Crestline, called Moore a ‘detriment to our city’ and called on him to resign, according to the Telegraph-Forum.

Moore responded: ‘I was stepping down at the end of this week, just to let you know.’

Kari Pfeifer also excoriated Moore, telling those at the meeting: ‘Not only did the mayor use racial slurs to address members of this community, he also talked negatively about local businesses.’

5168550-6291103-image-a-70_1539875132028The video shows Moore using the word ‘n*****’ four times during a conversation at his garage in June

5168552-6291103-image-a-71_1539875136473Moore said he would resign by the end of the week at a village council meeting on Monday night

Pfeifer called on both Moore and Butler to resign.

‘The degrading language used by both was an absolute disgrace to this village,’ she said.

‘Both the mayor and police chief should be held to a higher standard than what was displayed. Village pride starts right here. It begins with the mayor, the council and the employees of this village.’

Moore’s announcement came after Crestline Village Council unanimously signed a letter calling for Moore’s immediate resignation.

According to the Telegraph-Forum, Moore has been in office since April 4 and has lived in Crestline since 1960.


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