“Bowling For Justice”

New Ben Garrison Cartoon, “Bowling For Justice”

President Trump has demanded release and declassification of the FISA documents, and the Deep State is terrified.


They know fraudulent evidence was used to illegally obtain the FISA warrant that allowed them to spy on Trump and his campaign. It also led to Mueller’s ‘Russia collusion’ witch-hunt. There is no Russian collusion by Trump. Now even many on the left are realizing it was bunk all along.

Hillary committed serious crimes which were covered up as a ‘matter,’ while the case against Trump was invented out of whole cloth. Deep State players have used this kind of rampant collusion for years. It’s now at a point where they think they are in charge. They actually think they should be able to take down a lawfully elected president. What they’re doing is treason.

If they refuse to release the documents, they should be not only fired, but also arrested. If that doesn’t happen, send in the Marines and clean out the FBI and CIA altogether. Break them up.

Hillary doesn’t even have to pay for her insurance policy—taxpayers do. Over $20 million has been spent so far on Mueller’s witch-hunt. It’s time for it to end.


Lock Them All Up.

—Ben Garrison

Judge sentences Carroll County couple after children found caged in home

A judge sentenced a Carroll County couple to 30 years in prison, stemming from six counts of neglect of their children after authorities found two young children caged in room covered in feces and trash.

Paul Trapani and Melissa Trapani were sentenced to 30 years at the Division of Corrections after being convicted of six counts of neglect of a minor, prosecutors said Friday.

Both defendants had lengthy careers in the Army National Guard, with Paul Trapani retiring as a colonel, prosecutors said. They moved to Westminster in 2008 and lived with their six children ranging in age from 5 to 12, and there were also 11 dogs in the home, officials said.

Child Protective Services investigators and Carroll County Sheriff’s deputies went to the Trapani home on Nov. 7, 2014, after receiving a report that there were two children locked in a room and eating off the floor, according to prosecutors.

Inside the home, there was an overwhelming odor of animal urine and feces mixed with dirt and rotting food. The entire surface of some of the children’s bedroom were covered in trash, rotting food and dirty clothes, according to prosecutors.

Nine of the 11 dogs were inside crates littered with animal feces and urine, officials said. In a room near the kitchen, investigators found two young children, ages 5 and 7, locked inside a room with a half door below wooden bars nailed to the top of the doorway that resembled a cage, officials said.

The two children were peeking through a hole between the door and the bars, officials said. The inside of the door, all the walls, windows and floors of the room were covered in feces, officials said.

There was no furniture in the room and only shreds of blankets and a shriveled hotdog on the floor, officials said. The 7-year-old child was naked with feces matted in her hair, and the 5-year-old boy was wearing only a diaper, according to officials. The children were non-verbal and did not respond to their own names, officials said.

The female child was described to exhibit animal-like behavior, officials said. The children were all removed from the home placed in foster care and some have been adopted by other families, officials said.

At the sentencing hearing, victim impact statements indicated all the children were lacking in basic hygiene and social skills.

“They have been deprived of a substantial portion of their childhood by the actions of their parents (and the children) are trying to learn basic skills like communication,” officials said.

Testimony from the treating child psychologist, Dr. Harper Johnston, said that some of the behavior that she saw of the girl that was confined resembled “animal-like” behavior and resembled that of children that had experienced “institutionalized neglect.”

“I am extremely grateful to our prosecutors, the social workers, medical personnel, and police officers involved with rescuing these six children from such cruel and inhumane conditions,” Carroll County State’s Attorney Brian DeLeonardo said. “The conduct uncovered during the investigation shocked the conscience of everyone involved, including the judge. We are grateful that justice has been served, and the children can move forward and live the life they always deserved in a loving home.”

The investigation and prosecution of this case was the combined effort by the State’s Attorney’s Office, the Department of Social Services, the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, the Maryland State Police and Carroll Hospital Center.

Woman and her live-in girlfriend are charged with brutally beating three children, feeding them DOG FECES and locking them in closets

• Amanda Wright, 29, and Besline Joseph, 25, of Maryland, charged with multiple counts of child abuse involving children ages 8, 9 and 10

• Maryland State Police believe since late spring or early summer of 2017, victims endured multiple beatings at the hands of both women

• Joseph and Wright allegedly used their hands, extension cords, belts, sticks and a stun gun-like device to inflict pain on the children

• Victims were reportedly fed a diet of bread, water, oatmeal, and at times forced to eat dog feces, and were locked in closets and a basement

• Wright and Joseph allegedly threatened to kill the children if they told anyone about the abuse

Maryland State Police have arrested a woman and her girlfriend for allegedly beating three young children in their care and force-feeding them dog feces.

A Wednesday news release says investigators determined the victims lived with 29-year-old Amanda Wright and her partner, 25-year-old Besline Joseph, in Mardela Springs.

Police say the victims were reportedly fed a diet of bread, water, oatmeal, and at times forced to eat dog waste.

An investigation revealed the children, ages eight, nine, and 10, also endured physical beatings, were assaulted with an electronic control device similar to a stun gun and that they were reportedly locked in closets and a basement.

State Police launched an investigation into the couple on January 26 after receiving a tip about allegations of child abuse in Wright and Joseph’s household.

Based on the allegations, Child Protective Services officials removed the three children from the couple’s home in the 11000 block of Norris Twilley Road, Mardela Springs.

According to State Police, since late spring or early summer of 2017, the three children in the women’s care endured beatings on multiple occasions from both Joseph and Wright, who used their hands, extension cords, belts, sticks and other objects to inflict pain on the children.

‘The children sustained bloody noses, bruises and cuts,’ the press release stated.

Investigators have learned the children were reportedly locked in closets and a basement for most of the time, and they were said to have been threatened with death if they told anyone about the abuse.

The two women were arrested at their Wicomico County home on Wednesday following a search of the residence, which reportedly turned up a stun gun-like device  and other corroborating evidence.

Wright and Joseph were charged with three counts each of first-degree child abuse; second-degree child abuse; first-degree assault; second-degree assault; reckless endangerment; neglect of a minor; stalking; use of a dangerous weapon with intent to injure; false imprisonment and one count each of causing ingestion of a bodily fluid; preventing/interfering with report of suspected child abuse or neglect, and conspiracy to commit first-degree child abuse.

Police are not releasing information on the nature of the suspects’ relationship with the victims to protect the children’s privacy.

This case comes less than three weeks after authorities in California rescued 13 children from the filthy home of their parents, Louise and David Turpin, who are accused of starving the siblings and keeping them chained to their beds.