A woman may have been grabbed by a gator while walking her dogs. An arm was found, reports say!

Police in Davie are looking for a woman who may have been dragged into a pond by a gator on Friday morning.

Trappers removed a gator from the water in the afternoon and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has a boat on the pond searching for the woman. Local 10 and NBC6 are reporting that an arm was found inside the gator.

Officers told WSVN that they were investigating a report that she was walking her dogs near Southwest 52nd Street west of Florida’s Turnpike when she was grabbed by an alligator.

Davie Police Maj. Dale Engle told the Sun Sentinel that the woman’s dogs wouldn’t leave the pond.

“One of her dogs got bit by the gator,” Engle said.

Davie police have not released the name of the woman but friends who came to the park have identified her as 46-year-old Shizuka Matsuki of Plantation, WSVN and the Sun-Sentinel have reported. Her husband, who is out of town, has been told his wife went missing after walking the dogs.

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According to Local 10 News, the witness told police he saw the woman walking her two pitbulls on the path around the Silver Lakes Rotary Nature Park. The two were walking in different directions and parted ways. The park is surrounded by a residential community.

Soon after, he saw the two dogs without the woman and one dog appeared to be severely injured. The woman was nowhere around and a gator has been spotted in the pond.

An animal trapper has spotted a gator in the water and estimated its size at 12 feet, CBS4 reported.

“At this time, we haven’t had any reports of anybody missing other than this witness, who saw her earlier and then never saw her again,” Davie Police Detective Viviana Gallinal told the Sun Sentinel.

Broward County Animal Care officers, the Broward medical examiner, and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission have also arrived at the scene.

The dogs are currently with Animal Care.

According to the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Florida has averaged six unprovoked alligator bites per year over the last 10 years. These wounds are serious enough to require professional medical treatment.

There has not been a significant trend in alligator attacks in the past decade, the FWC reports. From 1948 to 2017, 401 unprovoked bite incidents have occurred in Florida with 24 of these proving fatal.

In June 2016, a Nebraska toddler who was visiting a Disney resort in Orlando was grabbed and killed by a gator at one of the resort’s lakes.

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Man who brutally raped and killed 7-year-old Black girl in casino bathroom seeks parole, writes pathetic apology letter to girl’s family – theGrio

A California man who brutally raped and choked a 7-year-old black girl to death inside a casino bathroom stall is asking for mercy to be released from prison early despite having no parole, reports the Atlanta Black Star.

Jeremy Strohmeyer was 18 when he accosted Sherrice Iverson in a Las Vegas casino in 1997 by raping her and then murdering her inside a bathroom stall.

Strohmeyer avoided the death penalty by admitting guilt and was sentenced to life in prison without parole. Now at age 39, his attorney wants the court to reconsider his case arguing that his brain was underdeveloped at the time of the ruthless killing. But that doesn’t sit well with the detective who investigated the case.

“The innocence of the victim, the brutality of the murder, and the cavalier attitude of the killer,” retired Metro detective Phil Ramos recalled of the incident. “I still remember taking the confession from him and he described in brutal detail how he molested little Sherrice.”

Ozzie Fumo believes that Strohmeyer should be re-sentenced. He argues that his tumultuous childhood, his mother’s mental illness and being put up for adoption, contributed to the killer’s mental state.

Ramos contests that claim.

“He was not immature,” he said of Strohmeyer. “He’s a cold-blooded killer and he should have been put to death for this crime.”

Strohmeyer wrote a letter to Iverson’s family and apologized for the vicious crime.

“I want to ask for their forgiveness, and I want them to know I’d give anything to trade places with Sherrice,” Strohmeyer wrote in a letter to The Las Vegas Review-Journal last year. “I just want them to know I am sorry, more sorry than words can ever say. I wish nothing but peace and good lives for them wherein their lives are not defined by this horrible tragedy as mine has been.”

A judge is expected to review the case in the next three months.

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