Andrew Cuomo claims he’s ‘undocumented,’ challenges officials to deport him!

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a New York City native, raised eyebrows last week after he claimed that he was an illegal immigrant and taunted officials to deport him.

“I’m undocumented. You want to deport an undocumented person, start with me because I’m an undocumented person,” Cuomo, 60, said during a bill signing.

During the bizarre speech, the New York governor criticized the “extreme conservative movement” for being “anti-immigrant.” He said his family, who emigrated to the U.S. from Italy, was constantly ridiculed with a racial slur that he said meant “without papers.”

“I’m an Italian-American. I came from poor Italian-Americans who came here. You know what they called Italian-Americans back in the day? They called them wops,” Cuomo said, referring to the pejorative slur for Italians. “You know what wop stood for? Without papers.”

“I’m undocumented. You want to deport an undocumented person, start with me because I’m an undocumented person.”

– Andrew Cuomo

According to the Online Etymology dictionary, the slur originated from southern Italian dialect “guappo,” which means “dandy, dude, stud.” The dictionary said it’s not an acronym.

A day earlier, Cuomo addressed a group of union workers and said he was “raised by poor immigrants from South Jamaica,” a neighborhood in Queens, New York. His father Mario, a three-term governor of New York, was born in Queens to Italian immigrant parents. His mother, Matilda, was also born in Queens.

Immigrant advocacy group Make the Road Action has called on Cuomo to apologize for the comments.

“To Dreamer and immigrants like me, these fabrications are offensive,” Make the Road Action member Antonio Alarcon said in a statement, adding that the governor “has no idea what it’s like to live as an undocumented person.”

“For those of us who came to this country with our parents to find a better life, and have struggled daily to get by and faced the threat of being torn from our family, it’s unbelievable that the governor would try to claim to have shared our experience,” he said.

Cuomo received condemnation for his false comments on social media, as well, including from which tweeted the definition of the word “undocumented” along with the hashtag #Cuomo.


Undocumented: Lacking documentation or authentication.

Cuomo is facing a primary opponent this year in Cynthia Nixon, an actress and activist. He’s currently ahead of Nixon by a significant amount, but the lead has dwindled over recent weeks. 

Cuomo’s office did not respond to a request for comment from Fox News Thursday afternoon.

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Donte Robinson and Rashon Nelson are national heroes – after being wrongfully arrested inside a Philadelphia Starbucks. The two were accused of trespassing while waiting on a business meeting that they had hoped would change their lives. The full charges — trespassing and creating a disturbance — were dropped that night.

Nelson told the Associated Press that he feared for his life. “Anytime I’m encountered by cops, I can honestly say it’s a thought that runs through my mind,” Nelson said. “You never know what’s going to happen.”

MTO News obtained pics showing the two men leaving ‘Good Morning America’ after their interview about being arrested at Starbuck in downtown Philadelphia last week.

And we were surprised by the outfits that the two men chose. Both men wore the same pants and the same sneakers.

The odd choice of outfits immediately has people suggesting that the two men are more than just “business partners” – as they are being described.

Some people on social media are wondering if the two men are actually a gay couple.

Whatever their sexuality, what happened to them was WRONG, and inexcusable.

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